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Fees & Tariffs

Fees & Tariffs

Berthage Rates

Charlottetown Harbour Authority Inc.
Berthage and Anchorage Charges
Effective April 1, 2024

ItemDescriptionUnit BasisRate
BerthageBerthage charge on a vessel that is loading or unloading or engaged in any other commercial activity per day or part thereof.Metric tonne$0.03
ItemDescriptionUnit BasisRate
1.Berthage charge on a pleasure boat at a float or dock.
(a)Per day or part thereof15-24 meter / 50-79 feet$14.40 per meter / $4.40 per foot
(b)Per day or part thereof 25 meter and above / 80 feet and above$21.65 per meter / $6.60 per foot
2.Berthage charge on a commercial vessel not engaged in loading, unloading, or any other commercial activity that is on a mooring ball or at anchor per day or part thereof.Metre of length$0.48
3.Berthage charge on a commercial or government vessel that is not engaged in the transfer of cargo or passengers and is not subject to a wharfage fee per day or part thereof.Metre of length$10.00
4.Minimum Berthage charges for a vessel described in any of items 1 to 5 per day or part thereof.Per vessel$20.85
Note: There is no anchorage charge for a cruise ship tendering passengers to the wharf.
13-meter shore gangwayUse of Gangway including setup and take down $3000.

Cruise Passenger Tariff

Charlottetown Harbour Authority Inc.
Cruise Passenger Tariff
Effective April 1, 2024

2024The passenger charges in respect of a continuous voyage:
(a) For each adult$9.00
(b) For each child (under 12 years of age)$9.00

Harbour Fees

Charlottetown Harbour Authority Inc.
Harbour Fees
Effective April 1, 2024

1.The charge payable for each entry of a vessel entering the Port Charlottetown, per gross registered tonne is, in the case of a vessel
2.The charge for a self-propelled vessel that ordinarily operates only within the limits the Port Charlottetown and that engages in commercial activity therein is, where the vessel is:
(a) less than 100 GRT, payable one in each calendar year$85.00
(b) 100 GRT to 200 GRT, payable once in each calendar year$165.00
(c) greater than 200 GRT, payable once in each calendar year$325.00


Charlottetown Harbour Authority Inc.
Storage Charges
Effective April 1, 2024

DescriptionUnit BasisRate in Dollars
Storage for goods on wharf, per day or part thereofsquare metre $0.15
Storage for goods elsewhere at a public port facility, per day or part thereofsquare metre $0.15
Storage for goods at designated offsite location per day or part thereofsquare metre $0.15

Goods that are stored on port lands will be charged in accordance with the CHAI posted rates for all of the land area used from the time the storage of the goods are placed on the land until the goods are completely removed. For greater clarity, the land area will be measured once the storage of the goods has been completed and that area will be used in the calculation of the storage rate. Weekly measurements will then take place and rates adjusted accordingly until the full removal of goods.

The storage rate will be effective on a daily (or portion of a day) rate basis from the commencement date of the storage, whether or not all of the goods are stored as of that date, and be in effect until all of the goods are completely removed from the land. CHAI reserves the right to designate that area of the lands, which are available to the user for storage, and to limit the area available and duration for storage within its discretion. Users shall be responsible to pile and store goods in a manner that minimizes its storage footprint and in accordance with City of Charlottetown bylaws. Should a user store or attempt to store goods on that portion of lands not approved by CHAI for the storage of its goods, or in a manner that does not minimize its storage footprint, CHAI retains the right to move and/or remove the goods and any and all costs related thereto shall be paid by the user to CHAI.

Other Services

Charlottetown Harbour Authority Inc.
Other Services
Effective April 1, 2024

Water Rates to supply fresh water to vessels
Rate per metric tonne$2.25
Hook up charges$50 hookup, plus a $40/hour pumping fee, minimum of 4 hours
Electric Hookup
(Subject to terminal manager approval and availability) $10.00 per day minimum
100 amp$15.00 per day minimum
Hook up charge $30.00
Additional charges if electrician is required Cost plus 15% surcharge
Sewage ServicesCost plus 15% surcharge
Bunkering surcharge$0.05/litre
Boat lift fee $250.00
Garbage Services
Hopper Use of Port Hopper for offloading $0.15/tonne
Forklift usage Per hour $100.00
Forklift operatorPer hour $45.00

Garbage from international ships is classified as “special waste” under the PEI Waste Resource Management Regulations (under the PEI Environmental Protection Act). Transfer of garbage from international ships at the Charlottetown Marine Terminal must be pre arranged with the Charlottetown Harbour Authority Inc. and will only be considered if all arrangements and permits are prepared by the vessel owner, captain or agent. A copy of the permit must be supplied to Charlottetown Harbour Authority Inc. before the transfer of any waist.

A permit from the province ($25) is required for disposal of this waste, and the only possible disposal option is incineration at a cost per tonne. Furthermore, the incineration of international garbage requires an inspection from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) under the Federal Health of Animals Act. The province may issue a permit within four hours of a request, if the tonnage and basic garbage components are presented to them ahead of time. Once the permit is issued, the province automatically contacts CFIA for an inspection.

Wharfage Rates

Charlottetown Harbour Authority Inc.
Wharfage Charges
Effective April 1, 2024

ItemUnit BaseRate
ItemUnit BasisRate
Gasoline, petroleum products and other liquid commodities
(a) gasoline
(i) in bulkkilolitre$0.75
(ii) not in bulk205 litre drum$0.25
(b) other petroleum products
(i) in bulkkilolitre$105.00
(ii) not in bulk205 litre drume$0.35
(c) all other liquid commodities
(i) in bulkkilolitre$1.80
(II) not in bulk205 litre drume$0.60
Sand, stone, graveltonne$1.05/barge
Sand, stone, graveltonne$1.05/laker


Contracted security will be invoiced to vessels based on vessel times and security requirements.

2024 rates
Base rate – $35.72/hour per guard
Surcharge – $3.57/hour per guard
Total – $39.29

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